Suggestions on how to get here

drive on Ruta 2, cross the Yerbas del Paraíso creek (follow the signs) and when crossing follow the sign-bridge that indicates "Reserva Yaboty 11 km." After the curve, pay attention to the sign and the arrow that indicates the entrance to the Commune, on the right. Turn right and follow the road for about 600 meters to the place where vehicles are parked (entrance by foot only, crossing the walkway.)

There are city buses ("colectivos"), by Prox bus company, with destination Moconá or PUERTO Paraíso, both of these have a bus stop at the sign that indicates the entrance to the Commune, on Ruta 2, km 30.
mini-bus "Destino Moconá," offering services from Iguazú at 7:00 AM. Inquire regarding season.
buses to El Soberbio from end station. Schedule: (AM) 7.30, 9.30, 10.30; (PM) 1.05, 2.30, 3.30, 5.35, 7, 4.00. Expreso Prox, arrives at 10.30 PM at the entrance to the Commune on Ruta 2, confirm schedule by calling 03755 516823. Duration of trip until El Soberbio: 4,5 to 5,5 hours, depending on itinerary and stops.
arrive at San Vicente, take local city bus (colectivo) Prox to El Soberbio and from there, take Prox to PUERTO Paraíso or Moconá, until km 30 on Ruta 2, up to the entrance road to the Commune.