Aboutthe name

Nature and experiences

An area surrounded by the Yerbas del Paraíso creek and there, right in the middle of the rainforest, you?ll find a shelter, you?ll hear the sounds of the forest, its plants and animals, you?ll find a star on Earth and a "lunario" (moon-viewing space) from where the night sky can be fully appreciated? to open to the resonance of our heart, because "at night, in the rainforest, you yourself sound the most, in your memories, everything you have heard throughout your life: dances, promises, lies, fears, confessions, war cries and groaning out of love. All of that makes up the sound of the forest at night and much more." Because even silence has a sound in the rainforest. (Tito La Rosa, album "Ayahuasca, viaje de curación").

Out of love for our Earth, our Home, the vegetation, rivers and creeks, we have created a space for learning and relaxation, a place where energy will encourage creativity and stop unnecessary thoughts.

The Commune is ideal for group activities such as meditation, training, yoga retreats, medicinal plants, art, etc. that take place at the maloca (community house) which can house up to fourteen travelers, offering them breakfast services.


We have chosen Comuna (Commune) in honor of the Paris Commune (1871) and their vision of freedom for self-government, as opposed to the image of "colonia" (colony) that refers to the conquest of indigenous people. Yerbas del Paraíso is the name of the creek that surrounds the site and evokes plants, the native plant nursery, healing herbs?