We are a non-profit organization, in the process of becoming a workers? cooperative, started by Elizabeth Pirker, economist and yoga instructor, together with Andrés Damonte (founding member), Andrés Rogers (architect), Isabelino and Isidoro Matto (builders), and Rosendo Viana (founding member).

And thanks to the Franco Do Reis family, Waldemar Borges, Silvia Abransson and the youngster Maxi Espínola, we have been able to lay the roots of our dreams at Paraíso, together with other players such as Claudia Pereira, Ramún Muoth, Cristóbal Koeraus, Luigi Toti and Rocío González Pirker, and Renate Zeuch, among other friends and young collaborators.

Formamos La Comuna...

We have developed close ties for cooperation and exchange with the following institutions

  • Asociación Civil Misiones Para Todos (Civil Association Misiones Para Todos)
  • Asociación Civil Selvas del Ipané (personería en trámite) (Civil Association Selvas del Ipané (in the process of being awarded legal entity status)
  • Escuela de la Familia Agrícola El Soberbio, Colonia Alicia y San Vicente (School of the Agricultural Family at El Soberbio, Colonia Alicia and San Vicente)
  • Programa Pequeñas Donaciones del PNUD (Small Grants Program of UNDP)
  • Programa Jóvenes Emprendedores Rurales (Young Rural Entrepreneurs Program)
  • Unidad para el Cambio Rural (UCAR) (Unit for Rural Change)
  • Universidad Nacional de Misiones Sede San Vicente (National University of Misiones, San Vicente site)
  • WWOOFing (international volunteering on organic farms)
  • Centro de Estudios para la Planificación del Desarrollo CEPLAD-FCE UBA (Center for the Study of Development Planning, School of Economic Sciences, University of Buenos Aires)
  • Universidad Nacional de La Matanza (National University of La Matanza)