Meet ourRainforest hostel

The habitat is covered by a green roof (earth and grass) that helps in maintaining a pleasant temperature, especially in the summer. The structure consists of three modules of different sizes, two of which are designed to give shelter to up to 14 people, distributed as follows: one room with 7 beds, another one with 5 beds, and one room with a double bed. Linens, blankets and towels are provided. There are two wet bathrooms, a shower with an electrical water heater and a dry bathroom close by. The modules are connected and share a roofed porch where breakfast is served. Our guests (those who stay longer than 3 days) have access to a kitchen including refrigerator, dishes, stove and a barbecue for those who want to grill meat.

The hostel is located on 17 acres, surrounded by the Yerbas del Paraíso creek, that invites you to take a refreshing bath under the trees, where you may rest at the lookout, observe the organic vegetable garden, read a book from our library, play Lilah, take a stroll through the nursery or walk to the nearby waterfalls. It is an ideal space for anybody looking for some rest, being fully in touch with nature. There is no cell phone signal, no Internet nor TV, which makes it easy to focus on the natural landscape.

Food services

Claudia Pereira is in charge of preparing exquisite homemade meals that are typical in this region, using organic vegetables from our garden and fresh produce, all at an affordable price. Said meals are being offered as an option and upon request, for lunch as well as dinner. The cost of lodging includes breakfast with homemade bread, honey, jams, fruit, cereals, coffee, teas and mate tea. All visitors have access to natural water, both cold and hot, extracted from a stone well, and seasonal herbal teas.

Recommended time for visiting

From September to May.
This is summer time: the green roof creates a pleasant environment inside the hostel, with shade under the trees, fresh water in the Yerbas creek, dew at sunset, and mist at night that moderates the high temperatures without the need for artificial refrigeration.

From June to August.
This is winter time: there is no heating in our installations. Winters are usually pleasant, with temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius (70 degrees F) during sunny days. However, it can get very cold at night due to the high humidity. But then again, it can be warm, you never know. If it gets cold, we have enough blankets and firewood to warm up next to an open fire pit.