At the highest elevation of the premises we are building a wooden maloca (community house) or hexagonal bohio that will house the Worker?s Cooperative (formation in process) where the following activities will take place: training courses, workshops for sustainable practices, art, science, yoga and meditation. This space is available for groups who would like to carry out activities that are compatible with the area?s nature, with the possibility of staying on site.

For our guests? relaxation, we offer the following:


  • A cairn or tower made of basalt and quartz, standing on a star made of sand and stone, in the center of a circle, as a permanent homage and thanks to our Mother Earth
  • A lunario (moon-viewing space) to contemplate the skies: a round wooden platform with a healing quartz cairn standing in the center
  • A lookout point over the Yerbas del Paraíso creek: a semi-circular wooden platform where one may relax to the sound of the water
  • A "cardinal point" platform at the outskirt of the premises: a completely shaded space to enjoy during the summer by bathing in the natural pools created there by the Yerbas del Paraíso creek


  • A library featuring a variety of authors and literary genres (poetry, novels, economy, spirituality, classics) and a section of books in German
  • A board game table and Lilah book to play "the big game of life," coming from India and re-published by Luz de Luna
  • A movie library, and music on the computer located in the living room

Recommended time for group activities

From September to May.
the green roof creates a pleasant environment inside the hostel, with shade under the trees, fresh water in the Yerbas creek, dew at sunset, and mist at night that moderates the high temperatures without the need for artificial refrigeration.

From June to August.
Winter. There is no heating in our installations. Winters are usually pleasant, with temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius (70 degrees F) during sunny days. However, it can get very cold at night due to the high humidity. But then again, it can be warm, you never know. If it gets cold, we have enough blankets and firewood to warm up next to the open fire pit.