In order to exchange information and knowledge about experiences of sustainable management of the South American tropical rainforest, we invite members of projects focused on habitat protection, biodiversity and community self-management to carry out their activities in a tropical rainforest environment. We invite them to visit Comuna Yerbas del Paraíso.

The exchange consists of receiving the visit of one person interested in visiting the tropical rainforest of the Parana-river region, in a location bordering Argentina and Brazil, adjacent to the Yabotí Biosphere Reserve, with confirmed lodging and meals, who could offer seminars or hold discussion groups with local residents to bring about a mutual learning experience, especially as it relates to plants, medicine and rainforest environment. In order to complete the internship, one person from the Commune shall be welcomed as a guest under similar conditions as the ones determined for the visitor. The joint experiences that emerge from this can then become training material for the South American network of projects involved in reforestation, communal self-management and biodiversity protection.

If anybody shares the idea of organizing this type of exchange, please send us an email to comunaparaiso@gmail.com indicating the following: name of the project, location (town, region, country), type of project (describe its goal or indicate webpage or Facebook page), name of person interested in participating in the internship, professional profile or skills, estimated stay at the Commune (tentative dates), teaching activities that this person may carry out for the local community, miscellaneous.

Anybody who is interested in this idea may also invite members of Commune and become first hosts of this network.