Nursery ofnative plants

Together with Asociación Civil Misiones Para Todos (Civil Association Misiones Para Todos), we carried out the tasks to introduce a nursery of native plants grown with agro-ecological methods with the objective of ?restoring native forests with sustainable production methods and the associative organization of the community located in Puerto Paraíso.? This project has been approved by the Small Grants Program of UNDP-Global Environment Fund (GEF).

Our goal is to carry out a wilderness recovery strategy starting with the implementation of a community nursery led by women as well as an environmental education program targeting youth, rural schools, producers and residents of the Puerto Paraíso community and areas adjacent to the Yaboti Biosphere Reserve.

The implementation of this pilot unit in the region will lead to a systematic education about management of native plant forestry nurseries, for schools and families. This will create a sustainable network where the forest, female rural work, self-management and environmental commitment are valued.

Project?s main activities

  • Setting up and managing a community forestry nursery with native species for the production of seedlings using agro-ecological methods.
  • Reforestation of riverbanks with native species on an experimental basis.
  • Implementation of an environmental education program for the region?s inhabitants.
  • Setting up a women-led workers? and production cooperative.

Do you want to adopt native trees?

This is an initiation campaign of the ?Siembra Selva? (sow a rainforest) program where you can get seedlings, leave them in the caring hands of their keepers and be present in this paradise-like place, leaving your mark in the rainforest and having planted your tree. You may follow your tree on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and/or various Messenger/Image-based applications.

Each adopted specimen will be identified and generate a follow-up through photographs and written remarks, as well as featuring the adoptive name you have chosen.

You can access the ACMPT?s account from the website for electronic transfers or deposits into the account.